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I answered somebody’s question on the Grimm kink meme and then the thread exploded with the force of an atomic bomb, killing everybody around it and decimating life for generations to come. Or it seemed that way. I think I kept myself civil and mature but I logged back into the meme this morning to find the argument still going strong. It’s gotten to the point where people are second guessing whether or not to reply to posts on the meme. Even writing a fill is dangerous. (Poor Macx. She had such problems with the original story and it had to be taken off the meme and moved to AO3. And now this happened. It’s like a curse.) Nobody wants to be attacked for a simple comment.

It’s like people want to have an argument! I don’t understand it? Are they really that unreasonable and cantankerous? For a kink meme, especially one that has mostly slash pairings, people seem really rigid and intolerant.

Followed over from the kink meme.

on 2012-04-18 03:25 pm (UTC)
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Hope you don't mind .

Anywho please don't take the haters seriously. You didn't do anything wrong, and from what I saw acted with complete decorum. I can appreciate people having different ideas abou things, but things on that thread got a little (a lot) out of hand. I think some of the guys maybe wanted to start a fight or were irritated. Please don't take what any of them said personally.

...Macx probably needs a hug now. First that whole first debacle on the kink meme and now this. If your in contact with her/him please pass on that not everyone agrees with the people bashing those stories.


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