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Alright, let’s keep this shit simple. I’m Wicked or Patricia if you prefer. I’m known across the internet under several names. (reona32, wickedlywitchy, and ladywithbooks) Reona32 is my fanfiction journal on Livejournal and my account name on Fanfiction.net Wickedly Witchy is my name on my personal Wordpress journal. Lady with Books is my book blog on Wordpress. Ladybooksblog is my Twitter name for the book blog. There is also a Google+ page for Lady with Books. God, I’m everywhere and doing everything. I must be nuts to create another blog!

I wasn’t going to create a Dreamwidth journal but the Grimm Kink Meme moved here when LJ started getting funky. Now that I’ve bitten the bullet and started writing Grimm fanfiction, I decided it would be best to create a journal so I had somewhere to post the Grimm stuff. I will crosspost everywhere I can but I figured I should have a journal where the kink meme was being hosted.

I write fanfiction for the BBC TV show Merlin, the BBC TV show Sherlock, the movie X-Men First Class, and (now) the American TV show Grimm. (Kill me.) I write only slash. (I’m also a pervert.) I’m horrible at finishing things. I haven’t posted anything in a year. But, I’ve suddenly gotten the drive back to write. So, expect a few things from me soon.

I’m 28 years old. I turn 29 in March. (oh god) I live in a one bedroom apartment with my elderly cat Boots. (Boots will be 19 years old in April.) I work as a clerk in an engineering office (where no one picks up their fucking phone!) and hate the east coast because of reasons. I’m really rather boring except for the whole fanfiction writing stuff. (shrug)

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